This form will help me on your wedding day. This will let me know where and when you're getting ready and everything else in between. Please answer all sections of this form with the most up to date information you have. 

Your wedding date
Your wedding date
How many guests will be attending your wedding.
How many people in your bridal party. (Total amount between bride & groom's side)
Name of bride *
Name of bride
Brides phone number *
Brides phone number
Groom's phone number *
Groom's phone number
Locations and times
This next section you will need to provide addresses for each location.
Location 1 *
Location 1
Where will the bride be getting ready?
Time *
Bride will be starting to get ready at this time.
Location 2 *
Location 2
Where will the groom be getting ready?
Time *
Groom will be starting to get ready at this time.
First look
Location 3 *
Location 3
Where will you be getting married?
What time will the wedding begin?
Location 4 *
Location 4
Where will the reception be held?
Time *
What time does the reception start?
Dinner *
Please let me know if dinner is provided so that I may plan accordingly. If dinner is provided any meal option is more than acceptable.
Vows *
Have you written your own vows
Audio for vows *
Would you like your vows captured on audio?
Speeches *
Would you like the speeches during the reception captured on audio.
Drone *
Are you looking to have drone footage of your wedding and reception location?
Is there anything that you would like to mention that we have or have not already discussed.
This will be the address where your flash drive gets mailed to.
This helps me with my marketing and advertisement.
In some circumstances I will need these phone numbers to plan.
Wedding photographer's phone
Wedding photographer's phone
Wedding coordinator's phone
Wedding coordinator's phone
DJ's phone
DJ's phone